Widget Reference

The quickest and easiest way to get started with your credit program is by utilizing our drag n drop widgets.

1. Partner ID's

Each widget is unique to each partner by the "partner ID" given after signing up to the platform. In order to track your applications properly, you will need to make sure your partner ID matches what's on your widget before deployment

Example Partner ID:PR202385ZTK

Real quick - a subscription ID is NOT the same as a partner ID. If you are having issues locating your partner ID, ask your account executive for assistance.

2. Types of Widgets

Each widget belongs to a specific group of widgets or "classes". Each class stands for what functionality the widget will produce, for example, utility, benefits, and customization. Utility WidgetsBenefits WidgetsCustomization WIdgetsUtility widgets include credit applications and bill pay functionality; they are essential widgets needed to run your credit program if you're not using our API's

3. Widget Library

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