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Card Tokenization


Card Tokenization is an optional feature that lets your customers load their debit or credit cards into Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This will allow your users to load physical and virtual payment cards into their phones for use at any physical location that accepts Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay.

Tokenization is currently available for Visa cards. We expect support for Mastercard to be forthcoming.

Prerequisite for Tokenization

Because this is an optional feature, you must explicitly request it and it must be in your contract. You may add Tokenization to your contract by contacting your account manager or emailing

Enabling Tokenization

Once the contract and payment are executed for Tokenization, the servicing team will engage you to kick off the tokenization process. We do not expect you to have to do any system integration to enable Tokenization. This process can be run in parallel while you are implementing your card product:

Tokenization will go live only after you are able to transact on your live card product.

Submit Paperwork

Fill out the highlighted sections, sign, and submit the following documents to

Submit Media Assets

Submit the following media assets to

A 100x100 logo of the company in png. It is recommended that the logo be at least 72 dpi. Example:

Card Art

  • Mastercard-approved1536x969 pixels

  • For Mastercard debit cards, the debit identifier needs to be in Mastercard-approved font: FF Mark Medium 11.5pt & Mark Regular.

  • Rounded corners are not allowed

  • PNG format

  • RGB

  • Has an alpha channel Example:


It is not possible to test tokenization in a test environment.

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