Learn how to create, update, manage, and issue cards.

Real Quick: The card schema shown below is not the card schema attached to the API, the API POST's a basic schema during the alpha but will be more fleshed out like the schema shown below as more time passes by and we reach the Beta.

To fetch or display full credit card number and other details like expiry or cvv, the userUniqueId needs to be passed in the body and partner will get everything in the response.

Card Schema

Card Schema
  "created": String,
  "cvv": String,
  "exp_month": String,
  "exp_year": String,
  "last_four": String,
  "pan": String,
  "spend_limit": Integer,
  "spend_limit_duration": String,
  "state": String,
  "token": String,
  "type": String,

  "userUniqueId": "63612057-249f-4751-8cbd-6a6542244623"

Get transaction list

To display all transactions associated with a single card in any particular month, make an API call with the useruniqueid and month for the requested transactions or statements to the single-card endpoint

Get list of active cards

To retrieve a full list of active cards, make an API call to the active-card endpoint with the correct API key and Bearer Token

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